Rampton Medical Writing

I am passionate about health and the sciences and using the written word to communicate with your audience. 

About Tammy

Take a love for all things healthcare, education and writing; combine it with 16 years clinical experience working as an RN in a variety of fields; and you end up with an over-enthusiastic mother of four who gives an in-depth explanation of how viruses work while treating her kids warts. That’s me. In nursing school, I was the nerd who was excited to write papers and was thrilled to attend and present at research conferences. Working in hospitals and the community, I have enjoyed educating patients, caregivers, and colleagues. Healthcare is a confusing world to most people and I love to help navigate and make sense of all the information out there. I believe the better informed a person is, the more they are able to make healthy choices. I am a freelance health and medical content writer and medical editor and love to help create content for healthcare websites and blogs, write patient and provider educational materials and edit anything from research publications to pamphlets!

I would love to work with you in producing educational and engaging content for your health care business.

Medical Content Writer Services Provided

Healthcare Articles

I write medical and health related articles and blogs that patients and clients will actually want to read. Along with engaging content, all articles and blogs contain recent references, in and outbound links, headings, bullets/lists and call to action. 

Medical Publications

I write articles for peer-reviewed journals and can assist with the submission process. I adapt my writing process to fit your needs and schedule so you get your research published. I also perform literature reviews and manage references.

Medical Editing

I edit and proofread documents for grammar, clarity, accuracy, formatting and compliance with the appropriate style guide. I work on projects from patient education materials to master’s and doctoral theses to submissions to peer-reviewed journals.